"There are no traffic jams along the extra mile." - Roger Staubach

For most people, building a new home is likely to be their largest financial investment. But it's more than just about money, it's also an investment of time, energy, heart and soul.  Riverwood Custom Homes understands the significance of a new home and will go the extra mile to make the home-building experience enjoyable, meaningful and productive.  

Our method for custom home building is based on the "Process Approach", where each step of the home building process is measured and analyzed to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency.  This method also emphasizes client interaction and communication, providing routine opportunities during the process for clients to provide input, feedback and approval.  The following highlights the major steps required in building a custom home.

1.  design & specifications

Good design is not just what looks good.  It also needs to be functional, efficient, cost effective and long-lasting.  Riverwood Custom Homes realizes the importance of good design and offers clients unlimited options when it comes to their home's appearance and floorplan. By offering custom design services, we allow clients to establish their own unique home from the ground up.  We also offer several floorplans that can be built as-is or modified to meet a client's specific needs.

Once the floorplan and elevations have been created, the features and amenities of the home are selected.  We don't limit our clients to a restricted list of options or choices for their home.  With that being said, we will gladly assist clients in narrowing their selections to achieve the look and budget for their home or we can provide recommendations for professional designers.

The design and specifications of a home have the greatest impact on cost, appearance and functionality.  This step should never be rushed or minimized....and we don't.

2.  purchase agreement & financing

The construction drawings and specifications developed in the first step become a integral part of the purchase agreement, serving as an actual exhibit to the contract.  Once the purchase agreement is signed, financing can be finalized for the project.  Riverwood Custom Homes can provide a list of preferred lenders or will work with a client's local bank or financial institution.  Pre-approval with a lender is not required before starting the design of a home; however, it is highly recommended so that the budget can be accurately determined.

3.  construction

The construction phase is the most exciting part of the home building process, where ideas, sketches and dreams are brought to life.  From excavation to final cleaning, every step is critical to achieving the design and finish detailed in the first step.  During the construction phase, Riverwood Custom Homes encourages client input and feedback.  We understand that often, clients need to see features in real life to validate their ideas or stimulate their creativity; therefore, we provide routine client inspections during the build to receive client approval and ensure satisfaction. 

4. home orientation & warranty


Upon substantial completion of the home, Riverwood Custom Homes provides clients with a final walk-thru inspection to identify any touch-ups that need to be addressed.  We will also demonstrate the features of the home and assist the client in orienting themselves with the electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems.  Upon acceptance of the home, a one-year builder's warranty and manufacturers' warranty are provided.